Boundaries /walls 





Walls are built to enclose an area or land as a means to privacy or petition.
As humans we all try to put up walls as a means of security on our property to keep the enemy out.
I was mediating and thinking on the Kings found in the good book of life especially in Chronicles. They all came into power and tried to either rebuild the broken walls or destroy what was already there. As I ponder on this I did wonder at my walls i.e my spiritual and physically life. Have I guarded or destroyed my walls…?
Have i allowed others to pull down my walls or make holes in them…?
How will I guard and keep my walls up without being a snob….
I have to guard my salvation jealously because there is someone who keeps walking about trying to take me down and make holes in it.
1) Spend more time with the lord which helps in building up my walls with scriptures and his promise which are Aye and Amen
2) be more and more grateful for what is in my life i.e I need to have more gratitude, more and more
3) up my worship game by staying constantly in worship and praise to the almighty.

These way I will be alert in Spirit (Military commander)  in various stations of my life.
 Ephesians 6:12 For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

I need to build walls…


images-1Desires  according to the dictionary is
“A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. ”

I would love or die to have this or that…is a common phrase I have used many a time and still do. But with time and age my desires have changed to other things as I have  matured. (once in a while I do desire/wish/want something silly after all, am human.
My faith has changed my desires to only want things of value and want to better other people’s lives if not help change their perception on life or things.
The good book talks of ” God giving us the desires of our Heart”
(Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Ps 37:4)

Does He give us desires or cravings of things that will hurt our bodies which He calls His temple.
He promises if i commit and delight myself in Him , He will give me MY desires of MY heart. Shucks!!! well I did that(still do) and I discovered that cravings for things in this life have changed. Do I still desire a big house with a pool…yes! but not as much when I was younger and working and keeping my eyes out for any job opening that would lead the way to that house. My desires has now become to meet the needs of others by helping shelter, feed,clothe and point the way to the love of my life…,Jesus.
What more can we ask for when in Him all things are found in contentment and peace.
This are just the thoughts of a random mind that is settling more and more in Christ having found peace and hope amidst the biggest joy in life.




Even since I was little and of school age, I recall being asked to hold the pencil correctly. Apparently I kept picking and doing stuff with my left hand which was considered weird. Nursery school i learnt to write but with my left hand then head home and be told write and hold with your right hand…resulting in a few pinches and laughter from my siblings. Looking back, I was just a child who wanted to write like everyone else and hold a pencil to looked grown up.  Memories of early primary school years are filled with pinches and beatings from my teachers and old man who had been told to bring up his children right handed like everyone else. I then realized my older brother was left handed too…..shock on us babies who were considered weird and were now writing with both hands……
One long school break saw the end of my right hand pen-ship. after that i just couldn’t for the life of me hold a pen with my right hand while my darling big bro stopped holding with his left and wrote with right. My dad by now had been educated to stop harassing us and let nature take its course or he would end up causing brain malfunction on his children. Guess the shock when in  my teens when we discovered HE (dad) was left handed but wrote with his right hand out of teacher and colonial harassment too……(Dude didn’t know any better when he later got his own kids)
What is my point, now that am grown up ( still growing) and a proud left handed woman….
Well, my self esteem was eroded for a while cause i thought i was a freak then i matured and grown up ( 20’s) and  I realized that as long as you(I) don’t conform to the world views you (I) are considered weird be it left handedness or chubby or tall or thin….
We should all be proud of who we are regardless of what the world things cause God our creator made us all unique and wonderful in his own perfection. Who are we to judge and make other feeling inferior….. But then again, the saying goes ” my people perish for lack of knowledge.”
Let’s us embrace our differences, the colors and personality we all have in the universe. Let us embrace that no two people (even twins) are alike in their personality cause God created each person to play different role in this planet.
We all belong to a symphony  that needs to be played in harmony to create beautiful extraordinary music in the world. Don’t put down others but pull them up to their uniqueness in the world.

Team building

What’s the essence of it….apart from pain and reminding us how unfit and unhealthy we are 😨
Today was one of those days when I thought relax mode but ended in the fields trying gain back my youth… Who am lying too lol
So day ended with me aching muscles n 😂 my ribs out after I beautiful day that made me realize that hanging out with the younger generation… U take up photography as your safe choice and watch the run-ins. That I did with glee and cheer and aches to drag through the next couple of days. 😵🙀
But seriously what is purpose of team building…..
We realized that
1) we are on the same team working to achieve common goal
2) we all need one another regardless of status to get to our goal
3) We lift each other despite our weakness and carry the weak ones through guidance and mentorship
4) when one falls down we don’t leave them behind but walk with them bringing healing to the finish line
Finally we are equal in God’s eyes.

No one is greater than other and we all need each other to achieve common goal. Some are stronger, educated but we equal in God’s love. #togetherweconquer ✊

Value or No value….that is the question!!

So yesterday am all upset with someone and so irritated. My young niece(14 yrs old) decides to teach me a lesson on life…..   
Values..what do you value most…Does this person add value to your life by what they said or did???  I realized she had a point cause I was so upset and irritated to point of not eating. I sat back and reflected and let go of it. 
How many us go around carrying baggage,hurts and aches from people who JUST don’t add nothing to your life…..Let go and choose wisely. 

                            “Out of babes mouth comes wisdom”